Moxie Coffee Company - Coming 2021 to Phoenix, AZ

Moxie Coffee Co. will be a specialty coffee roastery (roastery + coffee shop) in Central Phoenix. We will source remarkable coffees from artisan coffee growers all over the world, roast them in house, and brew them with meticulous detail to produce incredible tasting beverages.

Who's we?

Well as of today, it's just me... My name is Matt and I'm the owner/founder of Moxie Coffee Co.

My journey with coffee started in 2010. I roasted my first batch of coffee on a vintage hot air popcorn popper, became addicted to the aromas, and went on a feverish search to see if it was possible to make coffee taste as good as it smells. 

Turns out... it's possible.

In 2011, I ventured to Honduras with a coffee company from Chicago, learned about the growing and harvesting process, and wondered to myself, "Is there an undiscovered 'diamond in the rough' coffee somewhere... just waiting for me to find it?"

Little did I know this question had more to do with discovering myself as opposed to finding a special coffee. But that's another conversation that requires more than a blog post (and maybe a beverage slightly stronger than coffee).

In 2012, I wrapped up college, packed up, and headed to Denver. I took my knowledge of coffee and got a job as a minimum wage barista at a local coffee house. For the next 5 years, I worked as a barista, manager, roaster, and jack-of-all-trades-with-all-things-coffee.

Looking back, that first coffee job seemed insignificant at the time. Most of the time, a burden. The winters involved biking several miles to work at 5am in freezing or below freezing temps. I wanted to do more, be more, to 'realize my full potential' at least to the extent that I understood what that meant at 22 years old.

I see it more clearly now, though.

I was incredibly fortunate to have met the individuals I did and to have had incredibly patient people who were slow to judge my insecurities and missteps. I was a bit of a 'bull in a china store." 

Anyway, long story short, in 2017 I had the opportunity to start my own business in marketing and advertising. It's been a fun ride, but I realized one important thing over the last two years:

I was wrong.

When I said goodbye to coffee and quit working in the industry in 2017, I said to myself, "I just don't like working in coffee anymore." But the truth was simply that I wanted the freedom to start my own thing.

On May 4, 2018, a small and seemingly insignificant text message was sent between a few individuals, and from that conversation birthed the idea for Moxie. After looking at a few retail spaces and thinking through countless potential names, Moxie came back to me again and again. The name means, "force of character, determination, or nerve."

Recently, a friend sent a text message asking, "Why the name Moxie?"

I replied, "I think a lot of life comes down to having the force of determination and will power to make the changes you want in life and in society. It’s a personal value I cling to, and I think it’s got a cool ring to it. I also like that people ask about the name and what it means."

If I wasn't in a rush to type that, I might have added something like, "I operate with the belief that there are life's circumstances, and then there's our lens through which we see those circumstances.

For me, learning to be a better spouse, friend, sibling, son, and member of society has largely come down to me realizing that I have the internal fortitude to make those changes a reality. To execute on those. To bend external circumstances to my liking, rather than the other way around.

A journey of agency and autonomy.

When I hear the word 'moxie,' I'm reminded of the power I have (and we all have) to be who I want to be, to change what I want to change, or at the very least... give every damn ounce of myself to try.

I like to be reminded of that every day.

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Thanks for checkin' out Moxie. I hope to be able to get some really awesome coffee in your hands here in the coming months. Stay tuned.

- Matt (Owner/Founder)

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