Symbiosis - Natural Anaerobic Panama Geisha

Symbiosis - Natural Anaerobic Panama Geisha

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What we're tasting in Symbiosis:
Port wine, syrah grape, blackberry, prune

More About Symbiosis:
A show-stopping coffee that's grown, harvested, and processed brilliantly. It was recently used in the United States Barista Championship (placed 3rd), and its jammy fruit notes combined with a velvety, creamy Geisha mouthfeel is intoxicating.

The coffee is extremely expressive and forward, yet balanced and uniform (especially for a natural anaerobic). Whole cherries spend an extended period in hermetically sealed tanks allowing the coffee to absorb a multitude of complex, layered flavors all while respecting both variety and unique terroir that is, unmistakably, Finca Deborah.

Natural anaerobic coffees have captivated our palates this year, and while some coffees processed this way have felt unbalanced and out of control, Symbiosis is structured and clean. There's no guesswork in this coffee. It's the product of years of testing, experimenting, and perfecting... and the result is a cup of coffee that's truly a journey to Panama and back. 

Varietal: Geisha
Process: Natural, Anaerobic
Producer: Jamison Savage, Finca Deborah
Notes: Port wine, syrah grape, blackberry, prune

What we're tasting in Illumination:
Effervescent Nectarine, Bergamot, Pomegranate, Lemongrass

More About Illumination:
One of the finest displays of carbonic maceration we've ever experienced in coffee. Produced by Jamison Savage at an altitude of more than 1900 meters in the lofty mountains of Volcan, Chiriqui, Finca Deborah is one of the highest, most remote coffee farms in all of Panama.

Starting with a geisha varietal at this high of elevation is bound to produce a phenomenal coffee. However, the carbonic maceration process that's incorporated adds an additional level of complexity that's jaw dropping. 

In some CM processed coffees that we've sampled, we've experienced overly fermented notes that overpower the varietal and terroir that exists in the coffee. It results in a highly fermented flavor and a sometimes unrecognizeable coffee.

That's not the case with Illumination. This coffee is uniquely:

1. Panama
2. Geisha
3. Washed Process
4. Carbonic Maceration

And through his meticulous growing, harvesting and processing, Jamison has allowed all of those elements to present themselves in the cup. An incredible feat, even for one of the masters of experimental coffee processing.

The effervescent mouthfeel, combined with the fruit and florals of the Geisha varietal, and the unmistakable "Panama" terroir make this coffee unforgettable.

Varietal: Geisha
Process: Washed, Carbonic Maceration
Producer: Jamison Savage, Finca Deborah
Notes: Nectarine, Bergamot, Pomegranate, Lemongrass

About the producer:
At an altitude of more than 1900 meters and tucked away in the mountains of Volcan, Chiriqui, Finca Deborah is a shade grown Geisha coffee cultivated in a remarkable environment. It's one of the highest, most remote coffee farms in all of Panama. So remote, in fact, that modern electricity is not accessible to the farm, so it's completely solar powered. 

Jamison Savage has worked tirelessly for years to master many of the experimental processes that are now becoming more commonplace in specialty coffee (i.e. anaerobic, carbonic maceration). What's impressed us most is his ability to implement these processes without overpowering the coffee. The terroir and varietal still shine in the midst of processing methods that help accentuate some of the most desirable notes. 

Over the years, his intense focus and dedication to his craft have paid off massively. Finca Deborah coffees have frequently been used in competitions by baristas and coffee professionals around the world. If you're looking for the most unique, awe-inspiring coffees in the world, purchasing a coffee from Finca Deborah would be our recommendation.