Las Estrellas - Washed Colombia
Las Estrellas - Washed Colombia

Las Estrellas - Washed Colombia

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What we're tasting:
Bergamot citrus, dense cherry and red fruit, florals like rose and hibiscus 

About the coffee:
This is our second year purchasing Las Estrellas! This coffee comes from a community that produces a local heirloom called "Chiroso." Jhon Alexander's 4 hectares contains 100% of this unique variety. Chiroso often expresses complex floral and tea flavors and clean fruit notes. His 2022 crop from his farm, "Las Estrellas," brought forth a cup with lively acidity and a structured flavor profile throughout the entire cup.

Varietal: Chiroso Heirloom
Process: Washed
Producer: Jhon Alexander
Notes: Bergamot Citrus, Dense Cherry & Red Fruit, Rose & Hibiscus Florals