Villa Paola - Washed Colombia

Villa Paola - Washed Colombia

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What we're tasting:
Mixed berries, soft citrus, milk chocolate

About the coffee:
Yesenia produces coffee through Cadefihuila, an association founded in 2001 to help represent the interests of coffee growers amidst the commercialization of green coffee.

It now has over 4,000 members and offers benefits such as: agro-business technical support, credits, training, health care, school kids, education funds, life insurance, and other support that assists coffee growers in quality and compensation. 

A great example of high quality processing and fermentation. Although it’s not an anaerobic process, a slightly extended 54-hour fermentation elevates the berry notes, resulting in a lively, fruit-forward cup.

Varietal: Castillo
Process: Washed 54-Hour Fermentation
Producer: Yesenia Paola Delgado Ledesma
Notes: Mixed berries, soft citrus, milk chocolate