Our Story

An origin story from our founder, Matt:

I grew up in a town of 400 people in the plains of the midwest. Like many kids, I felt a constant internal struggle trying to discover myself and my identity.

I often felt like an outcast, although I didn't have many obvious reasons to feel that way. It's just how I felt.

I felt a yearning for more.

So I moved from my little town of 400 people to downtown Chicago.

A hint of community and belonging




Respect for & connection to the source




A season to hone a craft and explore a passion




Honoring & celebrating the journey

And now... Phoenix.

A beautiful city, with beautiful people.

People with deep, rich stories.




Moxie Coffee Co. is a specialty coffee roaster and coffee shop located in the heart of Phoenix, AZ (opening early 2021). We believe that the coffee producer ought to be inextricably connected to the end consumer.

Many coffee companies do this through direct trade practices, which we applaud and have committed to doing as well. This simply means that we intend to, as often as possible, travel to the coffee producing farms, meet the farmers, and purchase coffee directly through them.

Much of the public doesn't know that many coffee farmers and their families live in difficult uncertainty and poverty, and we've made it our goal to have a direct impact on the lives of coffee farmers around the world. By going straight to the source in coffee producing countries, we’re able to offer farmers premium prices for their beans and incentivize them to produce the highest quality possible.

They get paid more for their hard work thus giving their families a higher quality of living, and we're able to enjoy world-class, award-winning coffees.

Win, win.

However, even with that amount of detail and care, it’s rare that the end consumer realizes and gets to appreciate the skill and work that went into producing such a fine coffee. Moxie will exist to endlessly promote the tireless, often overlooked craft of the humble farmers around the world.

We will do this by importing remarkable, hard-to-find coffees, meticulously roasting and brewing them to extract their most desirable flavors, and kindly presenting them to you in a modern, warm space.

Our staff is carefully trained in showcasing each coffee from seed to cup (in a friendly, non-pretentious way). This involves testing many different roast profiles, endlessly cupping and tasting the coffees for quality, and roasting and brewing them to perfection.

But it doesn’t stop there.

The Moxie crew is dedicated to dropping all pretense and judgment at the door. We believe that no matter who you are or where you’re from, every single person should be treated with dignity and respect. The experience of getting your coffee at Moxie should feel just like the coffee itself: energizing, intense, and fun.

From the moment the coffee seed is planted to the moment it's brewed, many hands have gone to unimaginable lengths to ensure that the coffee roasted and served at Moxie is second to none.

We hope you enjoy drinking a cup of Moxie as much as we enjoy the process of crafting it for you.