Drip     $3.50 - $4.00
Pourover (Hot/Iced)     $4.00 - $6.00
Nitro Cold Brew     $5.00 - $6.00
New Orleans Style Iced      $5.50 - $6.50

Espresso     $3.00
Cortado     $3.75
Cappuccino     $4.25
Latte     $4.75 - $5.25

Loose Leaf     $3.00 - $3.50
Chai Latte     $4.25 - $5.25
Matcha Latte     $5.00 - $5.50
Turmeric Latte     $4.50 - $5.50

Maracay     $5.75
A natural white wine fermentation from Luz Helena Salazar at Finca Maracay in Quindio, Colombia. A near 80 hour fermentation process produces notes of chardonnay, citrus rind, and vanilla. It's bright, juicy, fruit-forward profile is one of the most unique we've tasted.

La Virginia     $5.25
From Rafael Amaya in Huila, Colombia, this washed carbonic maceration process coffee is full of juicy red fruit, light tropicals, and subtle hints of cacao on the finish.

Dobota     $4.50
A natural process Ethiopia from Tegene Ocholo in Yirgacheffe. This coffee is all that we love in a natural Ethiopia... blueberries, buttery mouthfeel, and undertones of peachy stone fruit.

Tumba     $4.25
A washed process Rwanda that offers subtle deep cherry notes, some purple fruit (plum), and a lingering black tea finish.

Desert Tonic     $5.50 - $6.50
Juicy, rich, ruby red grapefruit cordial from Liber (Austin, TX) combined with your choice of espresso or ceremonial grade matcha, Fever Tree tonic, lit sage garnish.

WhistlePig Maple Nitro     $6.00 - $6.50
Bourbon barrel aged maple syrup from Runamok/WhistlePig, Single Origin Nitro Cold Brew, splash of Califia Oat Milk, aromatic bitters. Served in smoked glass.

Orange Cardamom Matcha     $5.25 - $5.75
Housemade cardamom syrup, ceremonial grade matcha, your choice of whole, oat or almond milk, orange bitters, dehydrated orange garnish.

Yam Latte     $5.75 - $6.75
Sweet Potato cockatil syrup from El Guapo (New Orleans, LA), housemade spice mix, espresso, your choice of whole, oat or almond milk, garnished with toasty mallow.

Apple Cider Kombucha     $5.00 - $5.50
From Bottom Bunk Brewing, a kombucha that taste like a cup of fall. 

Cotija Corn Bressane     $3.95
Green Chili Bressane     $3.95
Chorizo, Egg & Cheese Poptart     $5.75
Ham & Gruyere Rosemary Puff Pastry     $5.25

Raspberry Prickly Pear Croissant     $4.10
Specialty Fruit Poptarts     $4.75
(Apple Pie, Raspberry Prickly Pear, Strawberry Hibiscus, Peach Honey, Blackberry Lavender)
Strawberry/Lemon Turnover     $4.10
Vegan/Gluten Free Muffins     $4.25
(Sweet Potato Coconut Chocolate Chip, Pumpkin Pecan, Blueberry Lavender, Banana Walnut Chocolate Chip)