720 - Thermal Shock Natural Colombia

720 - Thermal Shock Natural Colombia

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What we're tasting:
Golden Raisin, Dark Chocolate, Shiro Miso

About the coffee:
Diego Bermudez produces some of the most rare, fine coffees we've ever found. Rather than using traditional processing equipment, Diego instead uses bio reactors to ferment the coffee, while measuring time, temperature, pH, brix, and microbial load.

The meticulous work that goes into the processing and fermentation results in clean, dynamic flavors that's challenging everything we know about coffee.

The process begins with the harvest of overripe cherries, which due to their longer contact with the seeds, manage to give more fruit flavors to the seeds. The coffee cherries are transferred to the fermentor with cold water and lactobacillus, and left to ferment for 720 hours. They’re dried in a dehumidifier to remove humidity and avoid over-oxidation. The result is a stunning, one-of-a-kind coffee.

Varietal: Geisha
Process: Thermal Shock Natural
Producer: Diego Bermudez
Notes: Golden Raisin, Dark Chocolate, Shiro Miso