Chelbesa Danche - Washed Ethiopia

Chelbesa Danche - Washed Ethiopia

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What we're tasting:
Dried Fruits, Honey, Jasmine & Honeysuckle

About the coffee:
This lot from Chelbesa Danche is a shining example of what washed Yirgacheffe coffees can be. It’s marked by a clean cup with floral characteristics and distinct acidity and sweetness. 

Danche is the name of the small hamlet within Chelbesa town where this wet mill and coffee are from, in District Gedeb. This is one of the largest coffee producing areas in Gedeb, boasting semi-forested shade canopy in many parts, and altitudes ranging from 1900 to a staggering 2200 meters above sea level. The washing station Chelbesa is relatively new, having only been built back in 2019.

This fully washed process coffee from Chelbesa exudes the clean florals we love when we drink a coffee from the Yirgacheffe region in Ethiopia. We taste lots of dried fruit, a beautifully balanced honey sweetness, and dried florals like freesia and jasmine.

Varietal: Heirloom
Process: Washed
Producers: Chelbesa Smallholders
Notes: Dried Fruits, Honey, Jasmine & Honeysuckle