Gondo AB #005 - Washed Kenya
Gondo AB #005 - Washed Kenya

Gondo AB #005 - Washed Kenya

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What we're tasting:
Citrus & stonefruit layers, perfumed florals

About the coffee:
One of the most exciting coffees we’ve purchased this year…

The Gondo wet mill is one of three in the New Kiriti FCS. It neighbors Nyeri, which is why this coffee resembles some of the layered complexity we find in those coffees. An auction system incentivizes producers to take extra care in regards to the quality of the cherry harvesting and sorting.

This particular coffee #005 stood out head and shoulders above most Kenyans we tasted this year. The brightness and layers of complexity in its fruit and florals were astounding. It’s bright and fruity, but as the cup cools, it becomes deeply complex with florals and tea-like characteristics.

The citrus acidity is complemented beautifully by stonefruit and subtle lavender with a lingering finish.

Varietal: Multiple
Process: Washed
Producer: New Kiriti FCS
Notes: Citrus & stonefruit layers, perfumed florals